Best Places to Start a First Trip to Europe

Choosing where and what time of year to go on your first trip to Europe is tough. Choosing the literal first place you’ll visit is even tougher.

Deciding where to go first is a big decision because first impressions are huge and those initial days at your first stop on European soil will likely stick with you forever.

No pressure though, right?

It turns out that there are definitely some places that are better suited to be your first stop than others, and that’s what this post is all about.

With a continent so diverse, how do you decide where to go first? Well, first off, you’re going to want somewhere that will allow you ease into things. Translation: English is widely spoken and the vibe there isn’t too intense.

Next, the first place you go in Europe has to be quintessentially European. And what I mean by that is at some point in your first few days, you have to see or do something that just makes you stop, pinch yourself, and say “Whoa, I’m definitely in Europe now”.

So with all that in mind, I recommend that you start your trip in Western or Northern Europe and then take it from there.

And here are some places I think make great first stops:

first trip to europe

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