Eating At Il Timoniere: One of the Anthony Bourdain Rome Restaurants

Dining is without a doubt one of the main activities that makes a trip magical. For every dream destination that dances in your head, there’s usually a culinary side dish to the fantasy.

Been longing for that summer in France? I’m pretty sure some cheese and wine have been floating through that equation. Packing for that semester in Munich? You’ve probably already been bragging about all the beer & pretzels you will be putting down. About to head off to Southeast Asia for a few months? You probably already know you will end up on a first name basis with a street food vendor there.

Speaking of, have you noticed how the Travel Channel almost seems like the Food Network over the last few years and vice-versa? Shows like No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain, Man vs. Food, & Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives could easily be at home on either television station. Just further evidence of the melding of the two and it seems like more and more people are being inspired to travel through the food and drink displayed on these type of shows.

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