Great Stays: Ecohostel Andromeda, Ghent, Belgium

Many people skip Belgium on their Europe trips. And as I’ve┬ápreached before, this is a terrible mistake. For the few and the proud that make it to Belgium, most of them end up skipping Ghent in favor of bigger-hitters Bruges and Brussels. I did. Twice. Again, terrible, terrible, mistake. It actually took me until my […]

Great Stays: Villa Park in Bran, Romania

Ever since falling head over heels for the Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald, Switzerland, I’ve constantly been on the lookout for similar places around Europe. For years, ┬ámy searching had sadly come up empty-handed until I discovered a place near Bran, Romania called Villa Park. Bran, Romania is most famous for being home to Dracula’s Castle, […]