The Stuttgart Beer Festival: Better Than Oktoberfest?

  The calendar is on its tenth turn, I’m wearing a checked shirt, grasping a frothy stein of beer, standing on a bench singing – well, mumbling at a very high volume – the words to German folk songs in a tent with thousands of other revelers. Obviously, it’s Oktoberfest Munich time again. (insert record […]

Here’s A Laundry List of Reasons to Love Ljubljana, Slovenia

  It happened a few years ago. I was just sitting there, minding my own business, reading (thumbing) through the pages of my trusty European guide book.  I stumbled across a place called Ljubljana, Slovenia. Ljubljana was described in cliché phrases such as a ‘cozy’  ‘cafe-centric’ ‘split by a romantic river’, ‘crowned by a stoic castle’, […]

A Few Ways to Eat (and Drink) Like a Local in Europe

  Eating and drinking like a local in Europe is all the rage nowadays – well, pretty much anywhere I suppose –  and it is a trend I can wholeheartedly support. The tacky tourist traps that line the historic quarters of Europe, shamelessly pilfering  those who just want a halfway decent local meal and a […]