Oktoberfest Munich Tips: How To Have the Best Fest

Since I’m always talking about how much I love Oktoberfest (and casually mentioning that I’ve been there a few times), I often get e-mails from readers asking me for Oktoberfest advice. I figured it would be cool to respond to the most common questions that I get here in one post. So, if you are […]

Great Days: Kloster Andechs Monastery Munich, Germany

On the final evening of my inaugural trip to Europe, I took a walking tour of Munich and afterwards ended up having a few beers with the gregarious leader of the tour. It was from this wise gentleman that I first heard the legend of the Kloster Andechs Monastery Munich, the holy hilltop beer beacon […]

Best Places to Start a First Trip to Europe

Choosing where and what time of year to go on your first trip to Europe is tough. Choosing the literal first place you’ll visit is even tougher. Deciding where to go first is a big decision because first impressions are huge and those initial days at your first stop on European soil will likely stick with you […]