Travelly Picture: Sunbeam on Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia is easily one my favorite places in all of Europe. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind town and we were lucky enough to stay at a guesthouse up in the enchanting hills surrounding Sarajevo when we were there. We made it a point to spend our afternoons watching the sun set over Sarajevo listening to the many local mosques call out for prayer. I took this picture on one of those later summer afternoons while a thunderstorm was building.

Oh yeah, if you click on it, I think it gets bigger.

Sarajevo Bosnia


  1. I remember going there before the war since I haven’t been. How does it look like now? I am sure it had been hit very hard after the war. I guess its time for me to go and see.

    • Well, my only visit was in 2012, and it looked great if you ask me (you did ask me, right?). Of course, there are remnants of the war, no question about it – gravestones on hills, bullet holes in buildings – but the beauty of Sarajevo outshines it. Go, you won’t regret it.

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