Five Places To Get Your Fairytale Europe Fix

When people are asked to come up with a collection of words that define Europe, “historical,” “romantic” and “fairytale” are often among the first descriptors that crop up. The last one is certainly no coincidence, as Europe was the setting for fairytales from famous yarn-spinners like the Brothers Grimm and is the modern inspiration for […]

AZ To Amsterdam Chapter 2: The Grand Canyon to St. Louis

We were living in Arizona when we decided to move to Amsterdam. Our flight to Amsterdam left from Boston, so we had to drive clear ‘cross the United States in the space of a few days. This is the story of those few days. ¬† After our criminally-quick¬†hit of the Grand Canyon and a long […]

Travelly Picture: Giant Sheep Head, Tirau, New Zealand

We spent a few days driving around New Zealand in a campervan. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the country was chock-full of oddball roadside attractions, including this one of a giant sheep head made out of corrugated iron in Tirau. It seems weird until you consider that sheep outnumber people in New […]