AZ to Amsterdam Chapter One: Phoenix to The Grand Canyon

We were living in Arizona when we decided to move to Amsterdam. Our flight to Amsterdam left from Boston, so we had to drive clear ‘cross the United States in the space of a few days. This is the story of those few days. Reasonable people may think that we were nutty for driving from […]

Around Asia Chapter 2: Arriving in Kuala Lumpur

Was Malaysia a bit of an unusual place to start an Asian adventure? Maybe. Most people do tend to say that Thailand and Singapore are the best places to get your feet wet in Asia, but we had it on very good authority that Malaysia was home to a spellbinding combination of arts, culture, and history. Oh, […]

Around Asia Chapter 1: Down and Out Down Under

  I’m going to be starting this new thing called “Around Asia” where I will be recounting some of the adventures we’ve had, um, around Asia. Any proper account of our Asian adventures would be incomplete though without a mention of what directly preceded them at the airport in Australia.  Just a night before it […]